The Illusion of "Diseases


The majority of the population gets scared when they hear the word “Diseases” because they don’t know what it’s causes are. They think of “Diseases” as a separate entity, something mysterious from the outside world, something that falls form the sky, something that we “get”. This is what the allopathic concept is. This concept is completely illusionary, however it is a very successful business model for the pharmaceutical industry. It keeps the patient (customer) in an ignorant state of thinking that there is nothing he/she can do about his/her health condition. It makes the patient think he/she is powerless, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Once you have a simple understanding of basic chemistry (acid/alkaline) and how the body works, you will realize that “Diseases” are nothing more than a profit oriented – illusionary concept with no curative value.


Your Lymphatic system is your bodies ”sewer system”. which deals with the removal of cellular wastes (acids) from the body through the kidneys. When the Lymphatic system becomes stagnant due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices, these acids (cellular wastes) will begin to accumulate in your body and damage/mutate cells.

There are numerous biological symptoms that arise when our bodies pH balance becomes too acidic. Since acids are corrosive in their chemistry, the cells in your body (organs, glands, tissue etc.) become irritated and can’t function properly. This means that our hormones, neurotransmitters and other important biological functions become affected and can’t perform to their full potential which then shows up as a health problem, or what western medicine likes to call “Diseases”.

For example, when you are experiencing an advanced state of acidosis where the lymphatic system is so congested that the accumulated acid cellular waste in your body starts mutating your cells - you have what western medicine calls “Cancer”.

Read More about your Lymphatic System here! 


The consumption of what we eat, drink, think, breathe and put on our skin determines the outcome of our health. Our dietary habits play the biggest role in this. Every bite we eat is bringing chemistry from the outside world into our bodies. The mainstream food pyramid has most of us believing that grains, dead animals and their milks are good for human consumption and part of a “balanced” diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. These “foods” are not resonate harmoniously with the human physiology. They are very acid forming, congesting (mucus forming), constipating and leave behind a lot of metabolic waste. They have no health benefiting nutritional value, they are actually the primary reason why so many people suffer form health conditions today. It’s absolutely essential to eliminate these foods from your diet during the healing/detoxification phase.


The good news is that any over acidic condition (acidosis) of the body can be eliminated completely by alkalizing the body and detoxification. Fruits are very alkaline and neutralize acids in the body. They are astringent foods that flush the kidneys, move the lymphatic system and increase neurological function. Fruits clean, strengthen and tone every cell in your body.

In chronic and life threatening cases, a high fruit diet in conjunction with botanical herbs is the most effective way to eliminate serious health conditions.

Detoxification is a must if you want to address and remove the root cause of your health problems.

The treatments (surgery, drugs, injections) used by the allopathic community in an attempt to eradicate a a health problem shows that they know little to nothing about how the human body truly functions. This method only masks and suppresses the symptom while further declining your health from all the negative side affects these chemical drugs have.

There is no pill or “treatment” that can heal you like raw plant nutrition, juicing, fasting and herbs can. Your bodies self healing mechanism can only activate its true healing powers when your body is alkaline. Acids hinder the healing process, they destroy and break down the function of cells therefore it is essential that we first and foremost eliminate acid forming foods/beverages from our diet. When the accumulated acids begin clearing out of your body your cells will gradually become more hydrated and oxygenated, thus allowing every system in your body to start functioning properly again. When this is achieved you won’t experience anymore symptoms of  “Disease”.

It is essential that we understand how our health problems are created so that we can reverse them. Alkalize your body, move your lymphatic system, get your kidneys filtering and stay positive. Detoxification is the golden key!

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The Importance of Kidney Filtration


Your kidneys play a major role in the body.

When we take a look at the human body simplistically it is nothing more than trillions of cells and 2 major fluids. These fluids are blood and lymph. The blood is responsible for delivering each and every cell in your body with the nutrition (fuel) that we consume. When our cells are finished using this fuel they excrete their wastes into the lymphatic system.

Cellular wastes are very acidic and corrosive in their chemistry - that’s why the lymphatic system (which consists of a series of tubes and lymph nodes) contains a thick lipid fluid which buffers this acid chemistry that is excreted from the cells. The cellular wastes (acids) are moved through your lymphatic system to your kidneys for elimination.

This is why it is so important to keep the micro-filters of your kidneys open for proper filtration and elimination. When your kidneys are not filtering properly these cellular wastes (acids) accumulate in your lymphatic system which eventually leads to acidosis which is the root cause of the vast majority of all health problems (or what the allopathic community loosely refers to as “diseases”).

NOTE : The body is an extremely intelligent organism with a very precise self healing mechanism, it will look for another way to eliminate these wastes out of the body. Your skin, also called the third kidney, ist often times used as the next doorway of elimination. This can then show up as acne and other types of skin conditions.



You can test this by peeing into a glass jar. You should see a cloudy, white flaky sediment in your urine. The picture at the very top shows you real pictures of what this looks like. These images were taken by people who started pursuing the path of regenerative detoxification using raw foods, fruits, juices and herbs.


Water rich fruits (watermelon, grapes, citrus etc.) are the highest electrical, energetic and cleansing food on the planet. Fruits will start flushing out your kidneys, neutralize acids, loosen up the lymphatic system, and gradually get everything moving again. This can take some time if you have eaten the “standard world diet”. Juicing fruits, vegetables and leafy green herbs is also very cleansing and soothing for the kidneys and the body as a whole.

High protein diets (meat, cheese, milks etc.) are very hard on the kidneys as well as the consumption of wheat/gluten and high heated (cooked) oils and fats. These types of  “foods” will clog up the filters in your kidneys. 

Getting your kidneys to filter may take some time, but once these accumulated tocsins and wastes are removed from your body – you will experience a clear, dynamic, and robust vitality that you have never felt before.

Why You Should Eat More Fruit


Once you start incorporating fruits into your daily dietary regimen you will begin to notice more energy, vitality and mental clarity.

Fruits fuel your body with simple sugars, enzymes, vitamins and mineral elements that are crucial for the maintenance of sound physical health.

Fruits are anti-depressant “brain foods” that elevate your mood and uplift your state of mind. They revitalize the life forces within you and feed and hydrate your body simultaneously.

Fruits also build the blood, move the lymphatic system and cleanse the kidneys. Last but not least they activate and facilitate your bodies ability to heal itself.

These organic blueberries, peaches and freshly squeezed orange juice seen in the picture are my lunch today. I encourage you to start eating more fruit on a daily basis if you wish to improve your health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level!

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Know Your Lymphatic System!


The human body is comprised of trillions of cells and two major fluids. These fluids are blood and lymph. Both of these fluids have a purpose. The blood feeds the cells with what we consume and the lymph cleans the cells.

The Lymphatic system is a series of tubes that run throughout your entire body. It is your bodies “sewer system” which eliminates cellular wastes out of your body through your kidneys. Cellular wastes are acidic and corrosive in their chemistry, therefore it is essential that the lymphatic system is moving. When the lymphatic system becomes congested, due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices, these cellular wastes (acids) will begin to accumulate in your body and lead to the irritation and damaging of cells. This is called acidosis.

Acidosis is the developing stage of all major health problems such as Tumors, Neurological conditions, Skin problems, pain and stiffness in the joints, High/low blood pressure, thyroid imbalances, Sinus congestion, loss of hearing, blurred vision, depression and fatigue, just to name a few.

The allopathic community has very little understanding of the lymphatic system and the important role it plays in our health. Due to this lack of knowledge they resort to surgically removing tonsils, lymph nodes, weakened organs and other tissue that are not function properly. This procedure does not remove causative factors and only makes the body more disfunctional in it’s performance.

If we want to reverse acute, chronic or life threatening health conditions and obtain a life free from the treatment of symptoms, it is essential that we put our primary focus on kidney filtration and moving the Lymphatic system.

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Understanding The Healing Crisis!

When you pursue the path of Natural Healing using the method of Detoxification you may experience a so called "healing crisis" during the process.


The healing crisis can be a challenging part in natural healing. This is when your body is releasing toxins that have accumulated throughout your life. You may experience mild, moderate or strong symptoms while the body is healing itself. These symptoms can vary anywhere from cold and flu like symptoms, headaches, strong discharge of mucus through the lungs and stool, fatigue and old suppressed symptoms reappearing. Most people do not experience extreme detoxification symptoms, however it all depends on the level of toxicity / acidosis of your body.

Aside from the physical, there is also an emotional component to healing. Most people eat unconsciously or use ”food” to comfort them and to suppress subtle negative emotions. When we break this cycle, our underlying emotions will arise and be very present at times. Instead of falling back into the old paradigm observe them and see this as an oppertunety to let them go.

The natural way of healing is the most powerful method of healing since its focus is on removing the cause of the health condition. Most people that decide to use this method find complete remedy. The minority that doesn’t, has either been so weakened and tormented by prior mainstream treatment, that they have reached a point of no return, or they are not ready to undergo the changes necessary for them to truly heal.

Its important to remember that the ”Healing Crisis” is just temporary and that there is a new life full of energy, vitality and free from illness, waiting for you on the other side of the mountain!

The Ancient Medicine of the Future



Back in 2010 when I started my healing journey I discovered the power of herbs through my mentor Dr. Robert Morse N.D. who is also a master herbalist. I learned that herbs tone and strengthen certain tissues of the body and facilitate the bodies ability to heal itself.

Today, the use of herbs is vital to the restoration of the human race. Their power to invoke the cleansing and regeneration process of the human body can’t be equaled by manufactured supplements or chemical drugs. Where chemical medication suppress and hold toxins in the body, herbs contain astringent properties and pull and clean these toxins out while simultaneously strengthening and enhancing cellualr integrity. 

With their powerful cleansing actions, herbs empower the body to clean itself out of all obstructions, thereby enhancing blood, lymphatic and neurological flow to the cells.

Herbs are “tissue specific” in that each herb has beneficial properties that affect a specific type of tissue or part of the body. When more herbs are taken combined they affect different types of tissues at the same time. They can improve everything from bone growth to nerve regeneration.

Dr. Morse's cellular botanicals have guided many people on their healing journey to better health. His formulas are consciously cultivated with organic and wildcrafted herbs. If you are interested in increasing your overall health and wellbeing feel free to contact me for assistance. Have a look around in our online shop and start your journey to better health today. 

The regular use of herbs has greatly improved my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The power of herbs should not be underestimated. They are our greatest healers, especially when used in conjunction with a plant based and raw food diet.





The Amazing Benefits of Stretching

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Stretching has many benefits and is an essential part of maintaing good health. Most people in society do not take the time to stretch their body. They say that they don’t have time or are too busy, but those are alibis and lazy excuses to justify their current state.  All it takes is 10-20 minutes a day of some simple stretching routines and you can drastically increase your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Here are some major benefits that stretching has

  • Daily stretching exercises can alleviate pain within your joints and muscle tissue. If you are not suffering then stretching can prevent you from getting pain and stiffness. 

  • Stretching daily can increases energy levels because it opens energy blockages and allows energy to flow more freely through the body. Physical pain and stiffness is a manifestation of energy blockages obstructions in your body. 

  • By stretching your body on a daily basis – you will gradually notice your flexibility improving. This is a wonderful feeling because your body is the vehicle that you are driving while on your stay here on earth. Keep it flexible and you will feel so much better. 

  • Doing Stretching exercises improves blood circulation within your body and increases lymphatic flow. The venous system and the lymphatic system are two very important systems in the human body. The blood is the delivery system of nutrients to your cells and your lymphatic system acts as your bodies "sewer system", so it is essential to keep these systems moving! 

  • Through the daily stretching routine you will not only experience more physical, but also mental and emotional wellbeing. You can experience life with a more relaxed and balanced outlook. Your posture will also gradually improve when sticking to the daily stretching routine. The benefits go on and on…

You can stretch anywhere and anytime! All it takes is your own personal commitment to do it. Stay persistent and you will reap the benefits that the daily stretching routine has to offer. I personally do something that I call "intuitive stretching"  where I stretch freestyle without having a rigid routine. I use a yoga matt on which I practice my stretching exercises. I also find stretching with a gymnastic ball to be very beneficial for increasing blood and lymphatic flow in the back and spinal chord.

Stretching is for free, it’s fun and it’s very good for you!

Get into it!