Understanding The Healing Crisis!

When you pursue the path of Natural Healing using the method of Detoxification you may experience a so called "healing crisis" during the process.


The healing crisis can be a challenging part in natural healing. This is when your body is releasing toxins that have accumulated throughout your life. You may experience mild, moderate or strong symptoms while the body is healing itself. These symptoms can vary anywhere from cold and flu like symptoms, headaches, strong discharge of mucus through the lungs and stool, fatigue and old suppressed symptoms reappearing. Most people do not experience extreme detoxification symptoms, however it all depends on the level of toxicity / acidosis of your body.

Aside from the physical, there is also an emotional component to healing. Most people eat unconsciously or use ”food” to comfort them and to suppress subtle negative emotions. When we break this cycle, our underlying emotions will arise and be very present at times. Instead of falling back into the old paradigm observe them and see this as an oppertunety to let them go.

The natural way of healing is the most powerful method of healing since its focus is on removing the cause of the health condition. Most people that decide to use this method find complete remedy. The minority that doesn’t, has either been so weakened and tormented by prior mainstream treatment, that they have reached a point of no return, or they are not ready to undergo the changes necessary for them to truly heal.

Its important to remember that the ”Healing Crisis” is just temporary and that there is a new life full of energy, vitality and free from illness, waiting for you on the other side of the mountain!