Know Your Lymphatic System!


The human body is comprised of trillions of cells and two major fluids. These fluids are blood and lymph. Both of these fluids have a purpose. The blood feeds the cells with what we consume and the lymph cleans the cells.

The Lymphatic system is a series of tubes that run throughout your entire body. It is your bodies “sewer system” which eliminates cellular wastes out of your body through your kidneys. Cellular wastes are acidic and corrosive in their chemistry, therefore it is essential that the lymphatic system is moving. When the lymphatic system becomes congested, due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices, these cellular wastes (acids) will begin to accumulate in your body and lead to the irritation and damaging of cells. This is called acidosis.

Acidosis is the developing stage of all major health problems such as Tumors, Neurological conditions, Skin problems, pain and stiffness in the joints, High/low blood pressure, thyroid imbalances, Sinus congestion, loss of hearing, blurred vision, depression and fatigue, just to name a few.

The allopathic community has very little understanding of the lymphatic system and the important role it plays in our health. Due to this lack of knowledge they resort to surgically removing tonsils, lymph nodes, weakened organs and other tissue that are not function properly. This procedure does not remove causative factors and only makes the body more disfunctional in it’s performance.

If we want to reverse acute, chronic or life threatening health conditions and obtain a life free from the treatment of symptoms, it is essential that we put our primary focus on kidney filtration and moving the Lymphatic system.

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