The Illusion of "Diseases


The majority of the population gets scared when they hear the word “Diseases” because they don’t know what it’s causes are. They think of “Diseases” as a separate entity, something mysterious from the outside world, something that falls form the sky, something that we “get”. This is what the allopathic concept is. This concept is completely illusionary, however it is a very successful business model for the pharmaceutical industry. It keeps the patient (customer) in an ignorant state of thinking that there is nothing he/she can do about his/her health condition. It makes the patient think he/she is powerless, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Once you have a simple understanding of basic chemistry (acid/alkaline) and how the body works, you will realize that “Diseases” are nothing more than a profit oriented – illusionary concept with no curative value.


Your Lymphatic system is your bodies ”sewer system”. which deals with the removal of cellular wastes (acids) from the body through the kidneys. When the Lymphatic system becomes stagnant due to poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices, these acids (cellular wastes) will begin to accumulate in your body and damage/mutate cells.

There are numerous biological symptoms that arise when our bodies pH balance becomes too acidic. Since acids are corrosive in their chemistry, the cells in your body (organs, glands, tissue etc.) become irritated and can’t function properly. This means that our hormones, neurotransmitters and other important biological functions become affected and can’t perform to their full potential which then shows up as a health problem, or what western medicine likes to call “Diseases”.

For example, when you are experiencing an advanced state of acidosis where the lymphatic system is so congested that the accumulated acid cellular waste in your body starts mutating your cells - you have what western medicine calls “Cancer”.

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The consumption of what we eat, drink, think, breathe and put on our skin determines the outcome of our health. Our dietary habits play the biggest role in this. Every bite we eat is bringing chemistry from the outside world into our bodies. The mainstream food pyramid has most of us believing that grains, dead animals and their milks are good for human consumption and part of a “balanced” diet. Nothing could be further from the truth. These “foods” are not resonate harmoniously with the human physiology. They are very acid forming, congesting (mucus forming), constipating and leave behind a lot of metabolic waste. They have no health benefiting nutritional value, they are actually the primary reason why so many people suffer form health conditions today. It’s absolutely essential to eliminate these foods from your diet during the healing/detoxification phase.


The good news is that any over acidic condition (acidosis) of the body can be eliminated completely by alkalizing the body and detoxification. Fruits are very alkaline and neutralize acids in the body. They are astringent foods that flush the kidneys, move the lymphatic system and increase neurological function. Fruits clean, strengthen and tone every cell in your body.

In chronic and life threatening cases, a high fruit diet in conjunction with botanical herbs is the most effective way to eliminate serious health conditions.

Detoxification is a must if you want to address and remove the root cause of your health problems.

The treatments (surgery, drugs, injections) used by the allopathic community in an attempt to eradicate a a health problem shows that they know little to nothing about how the human body truly functions. This method only masks and suppresses the symptom while further declining your health from all the negative side affects these chemical drugs have.

There is no pill or “treatment” that can heal you like raw plant nutrition, juicing, fasting and herbs can. Your bodies self healing mechanism can only activate its true healing powers when your body is alkaline. Acids hinder the healing process, they destroy and break down the function of cells therefore it is essential that we first and foremost eliminate acid forming foods/beverages from our diet. When the accumulated acids begin clearing out of your body your cells will gradually become more hydrated and oxygenated, thus allowing every system in your body to start functioning properly again. When this is achieved you won’t experience anymore symptoms of  “Disease”.

It is essential that we understand how our health problems are created so that we can reverse them. Alkalize your body, move your lymphatic system, get your kidneys filtering and stay positive. Detoxification is the golden key!

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